Build a Bridge! A new top game Game Review 7/10 Stars

Build a Bridge is a new top game with 1.000.000 – 5.000.000 installs. This game is very popular because make your brain to work. Is not really complicate but take some time to build a bridge. Build the bridge very strong because a car need to pass him. If the car is a Fire car, really you need a very strong bridge.

We rated Build a Bridge with 3/5 note.

The game is really interesting and very very advanced mind to play. You need every time to build a stronger bridge. You pass a  level after the car is drive and finished at you bridge. Is not really simple. Bu we can help you and offer some solved bridge for few levels.

Access this link to pass all levels who you can`t: Build a Bridge by Boombit Games wal through. At that link you have access to all solution to build a safe bridge for all cars and finally to pass all levels. Around 30 levels solved. Sound good no?

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