Clash Royale 1st Google Play Game

Clash Royale is created by SuperCell and is one og the most popular game around world for Android and iOS same. This game have around 1000k-5000k downloads and have 4.5 the rating. 4.5 is really a good note for Android Games. This game is a top game because have a very good and excited game-play. Impress with all game story and graphics. This is a really special game what catch a lot of people to play.

Clash Royale is a popular game what want to be 1st in this world. Why we say this? Because the operators of this game make all what is need to do to be the top game. Pay a lot for marketing and ads. Duel with player in real time! Defeat all your opponents, play with your friends and beat him. This game make the chance to attack your friend in real time.

Collect cards and discovery the game step by step fight after fight. Upgrade your army, and unlock new areas fight. Defeat new and new monsters and opponents. This game have 4,5 rating with 16 000 000 ratings. This is so good and no another game have this rating. Around 13 000 000 players vote this game with 5 stars.

We commander this game. Is super cool and can catch all your time when you are boring. Download at Google Play: Clash Royale

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