Cooking Craze – A Fast & Fun Restaurant Game

Cooking Craze will become the next star game? In this game all what you need to do is to manage a restaurant. Prepare burgers and more other food specifics. Exist a lot of game like this. This type game become fst very popular. Can Cooking Craze become popular to? This game was developed recently and have around 1 million downloads, is a good game.

Some things what another game like Cooking Craze is:

  • New for this game is: washing dishes
  • Another new update in game: perfecting recipes
  • you can making your cooking time even more tasty overall!

4,5 is real big note! Is true just 8k people rate this game but is a very goof review. This game can be in top really can be because we play this game and was very satisfied! This game is very beautiful and the experience in game is really nice. This game you to out the boring time. Collect money, cook and serve your customers. Up level after level and become the best cooker.

Collect the cons from goals, cook donuts burgers and more other type of food. Improve your skills and serve mote clients in short time.

Video game-play Cooking Craze – A Fast & Fun Restaurant Game:

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