Most buying Apps in Google Play for Android


1. First ins Google Play Sales is: True Skate is first in top pay to download app. A True Axis game created is first in income in Google Play. This game make really income for this company. This game have 4.4 rating by 100k people. Is really a good note and a lot of guy pay for this game is really good rating. Like title Skate this game is very simple to play all what you need to is to use you finger to play with skate and to make more and more points and collect coins. A lot of people whare the skate is popular this game have a big number of downloads.





2. 2nd in Top  Sales from Google Play Store is Toca Hair Salon Me. This is a fun game or good to say app. This app add your smile in your face and make you happy because the game modify the hair from your friends. All what you need to do is to put your face or your friend face and to customize. Offer at your friend and family an new look change the color of hair or make him long or short. Red blue or green color hair is not count. The game have around 100k-500k download and 4.4 rating points. Majority rating this game whit 5 stars around 4k people. Is a very funny game and creative.

Bellow have a game-play at Toca Hair Salon Me

3. The 3 position is UX Experience S8 – Icon Pack. Is one of the best back developed by le0maz and make part of Personalizare category. This app make your phone more good. The icons appear so nice and more evaluated. If you want to make a update for you phone this is solution.

If you want you old phone to look like an your phone: Samsung S8 for example all what you need is to buy this app and to install. We guaranteed you will be very satisfied by this service. We buy and install this and we are satisfied by how is look our phone after. Don`t be afraid if you don`t like!

4. Survival Online GO is a game developed by gameline. This game is really awesome with a very beautiful and interesting story. The game-play is amazing and the details in game is very very good. This game make part of Adventure Game Category. The price start from 2$. We pay this sum and start to play the game. We are very satisfied by game and details. The game is rated with 3.9 is a low note. We don`t know why this rate?
 3.9 is a good rate if we think have just 5k rates. and 60% rate with 5 stars the maximum.
 In this game you need to take your character and to gone to map to find new items and to fight with another people. Find coins and buy items.

Upper have a video how to play the Survival Online GO. The game-play is same Minecraft but more complex and another story. The Feudal time make this game more special and more interesting. For 2$ this game is really cheap.

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