New games for Android 2017

Today we want to show the best games what is released at 2017. New games very satisfied and very excited game toll what want to impress all players. 2017 is the year what can`t make you boring just because is created a new app for Android but for iOS to. Bellow we present some games:

Rolling Snail

SIZE Around 74 MB
ANDROID NECESSARY Android 4.1 and above

Rolling Snail is a puzzle game but very funny and more adventurous. You need to collect all stars to pass the level and for this you need to draw a line. Connect 2 points and a ball rolling at the line and collect the stars. The part for this game is have a lot of levels and you can`t become boring.


RivalGears Racing

Android 4.0.3 and above

Is a revolutionary racing game what bring you back at 90`s years. This game is very good and satisfied you a lot. All what you need to do is to control the car on the road. To press the left or right button. The principal thing what you need to do is to beat the times and to collect the diamonds. Unlock all cars and become the king of the race!

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