Pokémon GO Innovate Game 2016-2017

Pokémon GO is the best game at 2016. Maybe become the best game for 2017? This game have millions downloads and become very popular day after day, week after week, but year after year? This game was download at android around 500.000.000 and iOS same number. This is real insane! Never game become more popular. This game is the best answer if you want to exclude the boring time in your life.

4,1 is the rating in GooglePlay with 9,130,000 votes. This is a real big note a very good review from a lot of people around world. Around 5.7 millions rate this game with 5 stars. Pokemon GO is a very simple game, all what you need to do is to catch the Pokemon. Walk at street and catch the pokemons. Big pokemons and important Pokemon is rare like small. A normal Pokemon can be around 1 yards around you. For a big one you need to really traveling, around 10 yards or more to catch him. This make the game more excited and impressive.

The real question is: Can be the Pokemon Go game the best game in 2017 or maybe 2018? Is really hard because a lot of company developed a very good games.

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